Alba del Benessere Luisa

Luisa Roggero


Professional qualification for Beautician at SEM school in Turin, in July 2006 and obtained the following diplomas:
Aesthetic Face, Makeup, Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures, Nail care, Holistic Massage, Lymphatic Massage Dr. method. Vodder, Tensio Connective Massage, anti-stress massage, reflexology.
Diplomas obtained in the later specialization Visage: The Psychology of the Treatment Corrective Skin Milan, October 2010.
Ultimate highlights in professional skin analysis cellular skin aging prevention, skin aging and photoaging correction. Reactive, sensitive, acne prone, and hyper pigmented skin correction. Milan, November 2010 Skincare advanced corrective: exfoliation surface and intermediate at Skincare Clinic of Switzerland Lugano, February 2011.
She partecipated to a Seminar at the Skin Care Clinic and School Editor: Waltraut von Ebner-Eschenbach specialist in Germany Peeleng deep Lugano, February 2011 Course Estethics Oncology at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, in September 2014.
Course Facial Dermovision Masterclass in Milan, April 2015.
Advanced Dermovision Level 1 in NEW YORK, September 2015.
Dermovision Masterclass in Milan, September 2016.

Alba del Benessere Silvia

Silvia Roggero


Diploma in Holistic Massage at SEM school in Turin, October 2009
she’s specializes in body contouring with LPG Endermologie
VelaSmooth treatments manuals specializes in treatments LPG Endermoloogie Face
Teacher certified "Heal your Life" by Louise Hay ", in November 2014
has obtained the certificate of "Teacher of the Wellness and healthy lifestyle" after their studies of Doctors Campbell based on the book "The China Study", the largest study ever done on the impact on the power on health, in February 2015.
She is achieving certification for Yoga teacher at the School of Hari Om Sezzadio -A-
In November 2015 he received his diploma as a Coach "Heal Your Life" among the top 32 in Italy (click here to view their profile on the official italian website).
In May 2016 he graduated as a yoga teacher 300Y at the School of Hari Om Sezzadio -AL-.

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