The Hammam is a steam bath to 45 °C in temperature and almost 100% humidity. In our hammam, the relaxation area and the locker room is always reserved for those who book from one to three people. We provide everything: slippers, hair dryer, towels, bathrobes, shower.
Joining a hammam and choose route according to your mood, to your own feelings, your instincts of the moment, means taking something special. It is a veritable temple dedicated to man and his harmony, a sanctuary of wellness where you can regain energy and vitality or rediscover the inner calm necessary to better face life every day.

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Benefits: Eliminates toxins from the body and disposing of excess fluids, ideal to combat cellulite and obesity. Decongest the respiratory tract by preventing or treating colds and sinusitis. It cleanses the skin deep. It relaxes the muscles and joints, blurring psychophysical tensions, contractures and even those nasty fine lines of expression due to a face always thoughtful and frowning. Indicated for those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis or musculoskeletal pain. The hammam is useful and pleasant practice both in winter and summer. In winter it helps prevent colds and fights muscle pain. In the summer, lowering the body temperature, it has a cooling effect.