The method of coaching opens the door to all your potential skills in order to solve conflicts, to dissolve doubts, to learn how we can observe ourselves from an external point of view.

The coaching help us to see the problems and face them with resources that we didn't know we had. Using different approaches that I learned in a lot of seminars and personal experiences (like the method of Louise Hay -which I am one of the first 32 coaches in Italy-, Enneagramma's study, the school of yoga and oriental philosophy, channeling practices, regressive hypnosis, the psychobiogenealogy of Alejandro Jodorowsky and... courses never end...) and THANKS to precious lessons learned in person through difficulties in my life (one of them a breast cancer at the age of 34), listening carefully to you and going in a dimension of empathy and connection, I bring you to use at the best rational and intuitive part of the brain, that normally we use just for the 10%.

Human beings have an incredible ability to learn new things, to develop new talents, find creative and original solutions and enter in a space of no ended possibility.

With coaching sessions I can bring you in this space, offering you practical and helpful instruments in order to improve every area of your life. You can do a lot for yourself. Just use your intelligence, your intuition and open your heart.

If you are far from me don't worry. We can meet with Skype in videoconference also in English language.

Use the agenda in this page to book your first appointment with me. The duration is of 1 hour and 20 minutes. The videoconferences have been paid before the date using PayPal or bank transfer.