Manicure is a careful and scrupulous treatment sufficient to eliminate the unsightly cuticles, harmonize their shape and smooth the skin of the hand. The nails are glazed and decorated depending on the requirement.
In the SPA manicure we perform a scrub and apply a nourishing mask aging. During the winter you can complete the manicure and pedicure with a paraffin treatment that softens the ruined skins long, dried and chapped from the cold.

It is also recommended for the problems of fissures. All it combined with a line of natural products for the treatment of hands and feet at home. For a manicured hand and a perfect polish, up to 3/4 weeks, we also provide nail. Ideal for anyone who etas, including the most extreme cases.

The pedicure is a real moment of relaxation for your feet. Treatment can be: healing to remove painful corns, calluses and to thin the thickened nails, aesthetic foot finely polished and glazed. In both methods the feet are soaked in water with salt-fatigue and vibro-massage. Finally it makes a massage with special cream made with mountain herbs to stimulate circulation and deflate the heavy legs. SPA pedicure in performing even the exfoliating sugar cane and a nourishing mask. And if you want more in place of the normal nail polish, we spread a gel which will remain perfect for at least five weeks. It takes only 10 minutes more then the normal pedicure.
Great as a gift idea.


Our nails, performed with gel method, yields a result natural and gentle for all ages and all tastes. With French, colorful, your nails will always be perfect and tidy.

Our products are of high quality, guarantee a long service life, even using detergents or often putting your hands in water. The nails are shiny and free of imperfections. Here are some example of hand and feet pictures decorated according to imagination of our customers. You can download the price-list at page. 7.

The nail hands and feet can be an interesting and useful gift idea for brides, maybe combined with test makeup and makeup for the wedding day, a body scrub, a relaxing massage ... free your fantasy and choose a truly original gift and certainly welcome.