Find your psychophysical balance and become the best version of yourself

Every event in my life brought me exactly where I am now, making the best work in the world: giving people wellness, equilibrium and life energy in the body, in the mind and in emotion. My approach to the person is holistic, because all parts of human beings are connected: matter, thoughts and feelings.

The services that I offer to my customers are:
- Yoga lessons (Vinyasa, Yin, Nidra, Hata) to be more aware and know your body better
- Life Coaching sessions (also trough Skype if you are very far from me) to help you use all your resources, rational, creative and intuitive to reach your goals in life
- Massages to enter in a total relaxing dimension.

I believe inside ourselves we have all we need to solve the problems that we face in life. I can just show you how to enter and use your resources.