LPG Endermologie ®

LLPG Endermologie uses vacuum technology and the massage of two roller to reshape the body through meccanotransduzione. The treatment is performed using a tight jumpsuit that preventi friction handpiece directly to the skin and ensures maximum hygiene.

With this extraordinary cutting-edge machinery working in a localized manner and totally non-invasive, in points more resistant to diet and exercise as the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and hips. It reduces the fat by triggering a natural process of lipolysis (elimination of physiological fat) to produce a real reduction in centimeters documented by a photograph that is taken at the beginning, middle and end of sessions. The Lipomassage LPG Endermologie is ideal to be combined with diet, because it helps to slim in desired points (often happen to empty just not where you would want to: face, breasts and buttocks). The results are surprising and valuable garments that fit more and more soft.

For your wellness we recommend LPG through out the year, because it stimulates blood circulation and promotes metabolism. Also it relieves muscle contractures and adhesions that often form in the back due to muscle tension or bad posture.

Here's what they say the customers who have tried:

"I am 41 years old and a daughter of 4. From the pregnancy I was left with a nagging stomach which I could not free myself. Throughout the rest of the body are returned as before, but when they ask me if I am pregnant, I get very angry ... So I did a series of 20 sessions of LPG body two or three times a week when I could finally, it not seem to be in pregnant, but the unexpected thing is that even that nagging back pain in the lower back is gone. Even now continuous with maintenance sessions for both the belly to his back." I.V. Dogliani

"I'm 53 and I know I'm obese. I have a problem of hyperglycemia and the fruit, that I love, for me is prohibited. It's the same about desserts and condiments . I started a cycle of 20 sessions of LPG without expecting Too many results, since I do not fully adhere to the diet I should follow, but sometimes I eat some delicious fruit. The result, visible in the photos and the clothes I wear, is that my belly has changed shape,emptying in some points. I was pleasantly surprised and motivated to continue with another series of sessions close, combining with a diet even stiffer this time. I know I can still improve." G. V. Grinzane Cavour

"I'm a bakery and standing work up to 10 hours a day. The pregnancy, genetic predisposition and work everyday terribly fatigued my leg, and I come at home with swollen feet and ankles. I do not have time to get the creams at home, but I allow myself a session of LPG a week. After the session I feel fly and when evening comes I don't have swollen feet. I also tried the lymphatic drainage massage and treatments Time- Up to Peats, but LPG Endermologie definitely gives me a little more."

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