In Sauna the humidity is very low (below 10%) and the temperature can be set from 65 ° to 85 ° C (on customer preference). The sauna is a real instrument of beauty and health used since ancient times by different cultures.
Sauna, relaxation area and the locker room is always reserved for those who book from one to two people. We provide you with all necessary: slippers, hair dryer, towels, bathrobes, shower.

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Here are all the reasons to practice regularly Sauna:

  • Relax, rejuvenate, relax: the sauna is a perfect anti-stress method to combat depression and improve sleep quality. Breathe slowly listening to the hot air that enters and leaves the nostrils calms nervousness and anxiety.
  • Strengthen the immune system: the sauna strengthens the immune system by preventing in particular influences and rheumatism, calms irritations of the throat and bronchi.
  • Become more efficient and agile: the alternation of the heat of the sauna to a refreshing shower is equivalent to an injection of energy and good humor. It favors the physiological release of "serotonin," the hormone of happiness. The benefit lasts for days!
  • Improve the appearance of skin and body: sauna circulation works better and we can get rid of toxins daily. Sweat brings to the surface the hidden waste from the depths of the pores and sebaceous follicles very impart grace to those who have skin that tends to impure. Rubbing in the shower then excise dead cells, the keratin layer that makes the skin off and opaque. Fresh blood and oxygen supplies blood to the bottom of all areas under the skin thus constituting a valuable tool for fighting cellulite.
  • Hygiene, deep cleaning: the high temperature eliminates minerals and eliminating fat from the body. The skin is renewed, it thoroughly cleans and rejuvenates. Even the production of sebum in the scalp is rebalanced: dry hair become soft and silky, those fats instead become more and more "manageable".
  • Pain therapy: in the case of muscle or joint disorders (such as rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis), sauna relieves pain
  • Optimize sport performances: Olympic teams of many countries integrate their sports training with a sauna, a real form of passive training. Sauna indeed heart, circulation and respiratory system work as if performing a sport demanding. At the same time, however, muscles and joints rest in fact, regenerate. Now for those who do not usually practice sports activities may undergo passive workout sauna; not develop the biceps, but keep in top form the most important muscle: the heart!
  • Being in company: in our institute is possible to book the sauna for groups of 2 or 3 people. So you can enjoy the company of friends or partner to share a moment of relaxation with who you want.
  • Preserve or pursue the line: the sauna helps to achieve and maintain weight because of a boost to our metabolism leading us to "burn" more easily the extra calories. Practicing regularly the sauna will make you more agile and flexible, you will be more willing to move and play sports and bearings superfluous will be eliminated more easily.