yoga in gravidanza Alba
Yoga is an experiential excellent way to get stronger, flexible and work on their balance and ability to adapt to changes through the body. It’s ideal to increase breathing capacity, know the limits and fears that are inevitably reflected on the physical, learning to listen to the messages that the body sends us and become aware of their muscles, bones, autonomic functions such as heart rate and the breath. It’s ideal to correct posture and increase concentration and vital energy. Also yoga leads us to listen to the language of the body and become more aware of their needs and their requests for help. It 's a wonderful dialogue that deserves our attention.

The best way to know if you will like "my yoga", is to try to participate.

My courses are aimed at both people already practitioners who want a more intense work (which recommend individual lessons or in small groups), but also for who approach for the first time to this world.

Individual lessons can be booked with the maximum freedom of time.

Registrations are open. The beauty of yoga is that anyone can start at any time because when the "asanas" (positions) are performed to their best of their abilities are effective for those who are already accustomed to the practice and is for beginners.