Hair removal is a very common practice, but if not done with due care and caution can create problems of a different nature. In order to obtain optimum epilation are two the important factors: the hand of the implement and the method used. We carry out epilation with wax delicate titanium spatula.

The electrocoagulation is a treatment aimed to phase out those stubborn hairs on the face, neck, décolleté and breast.

It is practiced by introducing a thin needle into the folliclle channel and then take a quick electric shock. The needle is isolated in its entire length except for the tip which is made of surgical steel, where the current intensity reaches about 0,030 A.

The needle acts as electrode and the passage of the current causes a rise in temperature at the follicle level. The increase in temperature is so rapid and intense as to cause coagulation of the cells of the hair follicle and its resulting "death". At this point the hair no longer retained in its seat is pulled with tweezers.